Hi Everyone, I've been digging through my boxes of stuff, and I've
managed to scrape together 2 A-B sets of Miracle Castings Baldwin
6-Axle sharks (HO scale), as used by the Pennsy. These are
out-of-production kits, and are listed on Ebay as follows:
Item #3161446967
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Item #3161444537
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NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!! Buy yourself a Christmas present, as these units
are rare, and have been out of production for years. Hope you take a
look! Regards,
Pat Lawless
Resin Trains - Makers of fine quality resin railroad kits.
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Voice mail & fax: (530) 431-2931
e-mail: pat@(nospam)resintrains.com **Remove the (nospam) to mail**.
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Pat Lawless
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