Ebay: SUPER RARE! Ready-to-Run UA TURBO TRAIN in HO scale (AMTRAK)

Hey all Turbo Train / Amtrak fans, check this out! This item is a super-rare READY-TO-RUN United Aircraft Turbo Train, in HO scale, painted in Amtrak red, white and blue. This kit hasn't been available for ages, although it is going to be re-released shortly as a craftsman kit. There's a full explanation of all this in the auction listing. You can see it at:

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OR, go to ebay.com and type the number 3189116945 into the search box.

Hope you have a look, and good luck if you decide to bid!

Pat Lawless Resin Trains - Makers of fine quality resin railroad kits.

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Voice mail & fax: (530) 431-2931 e-mail: pat@(nospam)resintrains.com **Remove the (nospam) to mail**.

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uk.rec.models.rail that you have spammed your ad too is only for UK based railways.


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