electric train set for 7-year-old

I'm looking for recommendations for an electric train set for my
7-year-old niece. She asked for one and described one she'd seen
somewhere that had stations for loading and unloading logs.
The closest match I've seen is a "Thomas the Tank Engine" set, but I
think she may want one that has a more realistic looking locomotive
(ie, no goofy humanoid face on the front). Besides having the ability
to load/unload objects, it should be easy to connect sections of the
set's track together.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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How responsible is your niece? My 7 year old son started with a HO set when he was 3, got a O scale when he was 5 and now because of his age, he wants to use N scale (and he and I just finished that layout).
BTW, it was a his great grand father that got him the HO and one of his grandfathers that got his O.
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Mr. Rather B. Beachen
I am a beginner myself to all this, but would still like to add my opinion. The system she saw was likely an "O" gauge system, probably the Lionel brand. For a seven year old, I would consider either "O" gauge or the larger "G" gauge. G gauge is easier for a seven year old to handle, but Lionel has lots of action, and I loved that brand when I was seven. If you're planning on getting sophisticated enough to have log loading, you are talking about a kid-adult activity rather than a pure kid toy-takes an interested adult to fix derails, watch electricity, etc.
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R. Lee Wagner
She probably saw a Lionel set. These are the larger "O" gauge, 1/4"=1'-0" scale train sets.
Some Lionel sets come with operating log dump cars. Check out the "Santa Fe Freight Set" but be prepared for sticker shock:
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As an alternate, you could get a lower-cost starter set and buy a log dump car as a separate accessory.
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It's nice to hear of a young female interested in trains, not many are...
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Mark Mathu
Some friends of ours were over after the Christmas holidays and they have two daughters, 10 and 8. Neither of the two girls wanted to go back upstairs when their parents did. The girls wanted to stay in the railway room and continue to run trains.
-- Cheers Roger T.
Home of the Great Eastern Railway
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Roger T.
My female boss recently gave/loaned me half a dozen locos, 30 cars, and several structures from her youth that she and her mother had put together. She didn't have the space for it, unfortunately.
They're out there, just hard to find!
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Could be a Walthers HO set also
Also think about the quality you going to pay for try Proto 1000 / Proto 2000 engine between 20-30 for some on sale at the discounters a good buy
I think talk to here about any specific railroad or what she want to to do with it Anth from OZ
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Mr Anthony Chambers

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