Train set for 7 year old

Hi All

I hope this is the right group.

I am looking to buy my son his first Hornby train set for his 7th birthday. He is well into trains.

I had a train set as a child and want him to have a similar experience.

I want one that includes: -

-an engine that produces smoke

-one of those controller/power boxes that has a big knob to turn to make it go fast/slow/reverse

-track and carriages

i.e. all that he needs to get started.

My old set from the mid 1970's is still up in the loft with a broken engine. Is the track etc all compatible still?

I have looked at the Hornby sets available and there is not a lot of choice.

They do a Smokey Joe set R1036. Would that be a good choice?

What would you folks recommend?

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Jon Griffey
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That would be a good start. My first train set at age 7 (1950) was the Hornby Dublo 0-6-2T (LMS) with 2 wagons and a brake van, and an oval of track. I soon expanded the track and acquired more wagons. About 3 years later I purchased (from my saved-up pocket money) the Duchess of Montrose and two coaches, with more coaches later. The track became a double oval with crossover points and two sidings. My third loco was the Class 20 diesel, the first with a plastic body. I'd take the body and bogie side frames off it and fit it with a cardboard tram body. I later sold the 0-6-2T and 3 suburban coaches and bought a TriAng DMU, which I had converted to 3-rail at Frizinghall Model Shop.

Unfortuately, all of the above were disposed of by my mother after I came to Canada (40 years ago this 31 August!)

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Searching the archives.

Within the last two weeks, the group discussed trainsets for an 8 year old, under the thread "Newbie questions". If your ISP has already expired those posts, Google Groups will have the archive.

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe


I was asked to set up a model railway for the sons of a friend some years ago. I purchased all the items for them and chose Hornby steam locos available at the time. When the boys got their railway set at Christmas, apparently they had puzzled looks on their faces since they had hardly ever seen a steam loco in their lives ( and hadn't ever seen any Thomas book). They had hoped to get locomotives which they recognised, which would have been the diesel locos currently in use at the time (1970s). I see that your child is alreadty interested in railways, but he might prefer a diesel loco. :-)

And I don't think I would look for one with a smoke generator - too much mess :-)


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Jim Guthrie

As far as I know the only new Hornby loco fitted with a smoke generator is the GWR/BR 2800. I don't think this has been in a set recently....

The Hornby B12 makes a rubbish chuffing sound when in motion and is availiable in the Mainline Steam set which can be got for around £60 (Argos), Which isn't bad for a Tender Loco, 2 coaches track inc. a siding, controller and track mat.


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Craig Douglas

You could do a lot worst than this

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doesn't have smoke but it's a great starter set!

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