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Does anyone here know of somewhere where I could get an old train set plus plentiful track and various add-ons fairly valued and possibly bought, within a reasonable travelling distance from Tunbridge Wells?


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Hello I have a fair bit of three rail stuff some quite nice condition BUT I live in Cornwall thinking of a holiday?


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I'm selling not buying :-)

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Depends what it is, but I recently sold a mixed bag of 60s/70s Tri-Ang stuff for an amazing amount of money on ebay. It's the best place to sell - stuff goes for *way* over its market value and you pay very little in the way of comission. I was absolutely staggered by how much it fetched - almost 200 quid! And the loco didn't even work (and was described as such)!

Do the thing, you won't regret it.


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Lee Osborne

"Alan Holmes" wrote

It actually said "train sets ....... fairly valued"

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Paul Boyd

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