Feb 4, 2005 Report 720+ Missouri Railroad Depots All Frisco, some more old ones

Hi All
This batch of Frisco Depots are from Richard Napper. Several nice
old ones among the group.
Most of my time lately has been used on trying to make the site more
friendly for you and for me. You won?t notice much difference to the
eye, but it?s getting easier for me to update. The next batch will be
the last large batch of Depots from Richard Napper. I?ll be caught up
on his files.
He has contributed almost 200 images to the web site. That makes a
Stay Tuned, lots more to come.
Jack Forbes
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Jack: I think the depot labeled Shrewsburg should be Shrewsbury. I also think it is along the MoPac and still exists although not as a depot. It looks a lot like one that Amtrak passes on the way to St. Louis. Phred
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Thanks for the information. You are right on about the name. I flat mis-spelled it. That will be fixed.
About the rail line. I noticed when I looked it up just now that Shrewsbury is between two tracks. One of which looks like it splits off of the Frisco line. I'm going to have to go back to Richard Napper who gave me the photo with the list it's on. There have been some typos on the list.
I'll find out what I can and get back to you.
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