January 5, 2005 Report - 620+ Missouri Railroad Depots. We’re one year old. - MoPac, CBQ and Rock Island. More old ones again.

Hi All
This batch of 20 Depots comes from William Bunch and Richard Napper
again. Several nice old ones among the group.
Just a little over one year ago, (November 2003) after several weeks
of scanning 817 slides, 4 at a time, I started the Missouri Depots Web
site. I didn?t have all the Depots posted yet, but wanted to start
getting some feedback. Boy, did I ever, look at us now. My original
179 Depots are now the smallest collection on the site. First one to
beat me was William Bunch, now, Richard Napper has also topped my
numbers. As I?ve said before, The web site would not be near what it
is if it wasn?t from all of you.
Just think, if it wasn?t for all of you, I would have had lots of time
to do other things!! Just Kidding?. 8")
I have got William Bunch?s backlog caught up. He is still sending me
some really neat old stuff. I?ll keep posting it as I receive it.
I?m beginning to see daylight on Richard Napper's collection, but it
will be awhile yet.
Stay Tuned, lots more to come.
Jack Forbes
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