Foam padded boxes for locos?

Are there any online vendors who sell foam-padded boxes for Locos?
I have an old Mantua steamer that needs a box.
Thanks in advance
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"> Are there any online vendors who sell foam-padded boxes for Locos? "> I have an old Mantua steamer that needs a box. "> Thanks in advance
What *I* do is this:
People who collect trading cards (eg sports or Magic The Gathering) store them in boxes and these boxes are available from stores that sell trading cards (and comics). These boxes come in various sizes -- I use narrow single-row ones for locos and the wide, multi-row ones for rolling stock. The narrow boxes come in various lengths (for more or less cards). Longer boxes for longer locos, shorter boxes for shorter locos. The boxes range in price from as little as US $.50 to $2.00-$3.00. Something like that -- not terribly expensive.
Once I have the boxes I visit the local fabric/sewing supply place (such as Joannes) and get either 1" or 2" foam (intended for making pillows). I use the 1" to line the boxes I use for rolling stock and use the 2" foam for the locos. The foam is also pretty cheap.
I do the loco boxes by cutting a block of foam that will just fill the box. Then I carve out a loco-shaped chunk out of it. I then slice the cut out part into three pieces, the middle piece being the width of the loco. I glue the hollow section and one narrow slice to the box and glue the other narrow slice to the box's lid. I use a hot glue gun to glue the foam to the boxes.
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Robert Heller
You might want to think about getting a hard sided brief case, or a suit case if you have a lot of rolling stock. At a garage sale you should be able to find something in the $10 range. Then visit a foam supplier - either a sewing store, or an upholstery store. The latter is liklier to have cheaper prices, and may even give you scraps. Then with a good exacto knife you can cut slots in the foam for the engines.
I use N scale, so I would use a 1/2" hard foam layer on the back, glue to that a 1" layer of a softer foam. I would then cut out slots slightly narrower and longer than the engine. I would cut out only through the soft layer, leaving the hard layer to protect the underside. Make as many layers as will fit your briefcase, or box. Add a last layer of the harder foam to protect the top layer.
In my briefcase, I have space for two layers of 24 engines. In the top half of the case, there is still space for books, tools, track cleaners, and so forth. Makes it easy to bring engines and stuff with me when I go to the club.
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Carolyn Marenger
[...]Then visit a foam supplier -
Caution: some foams will react with the paint on your rolling stock, and will stick to it. Messy to clean up. Many people have found this a problem with brass lcocs purchased in foam lined boxes some 20 or more years ago.
Also upholstery and pillow foams will react with air, and eventually crumble. Again, cheaper grades are more likely ot do this.
AFAIK, all foams will outgass for the first few years after production, so any foam may be problem. IMO no foam is safe in direct contact with rolling stock.
The only material that will not cause damage to paint is plain white tissue paper. I advise that you wrap your loco in tissue paper before storing it in the foam.
O'wise, other posters' suggestions are excellent.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
I have found an interesting new source for a rugged carrying case for rolling stock, tho bigger than what you want.
Walgreen's sells ($20 on sale) a bi-folding table with a metal frame that opens up to about 18" x 44". If the legs are removed, you have a "case" with a handle, lock to hold closed, and just the right interior space for foam "V" pads or other pads and about 10-15 HO freight cars. This is a much sturder case than the cardboard box kind, and much less expensive than an attache case or briefcase conversion.
It looks like it would hold up better and longer than the alternatives.
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Hal Greenlee
Are there any online vendors who sell foam-padded boxes for Locos? I have an old Mantua steamer that needs a box. Thanks in advance ---------------------------------------------- Here are ome sources for boxes (and display cases and cabinets):
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Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:
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History of N Scale:
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Railroad Bookstore:
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Take care with the foam liners of any of the boxes for two reasons:
1. If you transport stuff in them, the foam is slightly abrasive and will rub paint off of models if the container vibrates (like in a car).
2. Many paint finishes (including the paint on Athearn blue box kits) reacts with the chemicals used to create the foam. Some foam is better than others, so either experiment or use tissue paper (the type used to wrap clothing you buy at the store and put in a gift box). You can buy the tissue cheaply enough at gift wrap sections of places like Walgreen's.
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Edward A. Oates
Larry Blanchard asks:
No. Walgreen's. Walmart may also sell them, I don't know.
These tables are very strong compared to luggage-type construction or pasteboard boxes.
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Hal Greenlee

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