Testors Decal Bonder

Can anyone suggest an alternative to Testors "Decal Bonder" product,
as this is unavailable locally. I do have an "old" bottle of
Microscale "Liquid Decal Film", but I haven't tried it yet . Would
normal flat / gloss clear coatings work, or are they not flexible
enough? Its to use with Tests Decal paper which I picked up recently.
I like the idea of the Testors product being in a spray can (less
cleaning up), but this means its impossible to post or carry by
aircraft. (a problem when one lives on an island and I gets most of my
modelling supplies from interstate)
Stuart Dix
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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Stuart D.
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I've never seen "decal bonder", what is it supposed to do? The Micro-scale "Liquid Decal Film" is really intended for restoring old decals that may have dried out. You brush it on the decal sheet BEFORE you dip it in water, and it prevents the old film from disintigrating on you.
The tried and true method is to finish the model with a gloss finish, then apply the decals. Use any one of the "setting solutions" (Microsolve, microset, solvaset etc.) to soften the film and make it conform better to detail, then finish off the whole model with a flat or matte finish (i.e. Testor's "dullcote" or, I have had good luck lately with Krylon matte finish, cheaper than dullcote and more widely available),
Don -- snipped-for-privacy@prodigy.net
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It's the name of a specific Testors product (althouth their web-site has no picture, I think its a standard small spray can), and from their blurb, you apply it to the decals before they go into the water, and sounds very similar to the Microscale product.
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Stuart D.

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