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About 15 years ago I started building an L-shaped HO-n30 layout in my garage. I got the basic framework done and some of the roadbed. Then had to to partially dismantle it when we had some remodeling done on the house. It's been taking up space in my garage ever since. I've finally decided to get rid of it. I was going to just cut it up and throw it out, but figured I'd post here first and see if there's anyone in the San Diego area who would be interested in taking it. If you want it, it's yours, free! Email me at this address for more info or to arrange to look at it and/or pick it up:

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I had a similar predicament last year with pieces of an N scale layout (I started over with a new build technique). I donated my L girders, risers, and misc. other components to the Short TrakN group in Vista. They might be able to use your's. There's an email link on their web page:

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- Merle

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Merle F. McClelland

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