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Does anyone use Gargraves Track for their O or S gauge layouts. I'm thinking of switching to this track. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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Jim Sanderson
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My recommendation for O layouts is Atlas. Solid rail nice ties and lots of turnouts. Don't use Atlas turnout motors though.

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Charles Kimbrough

Gargraves, Curtiss and Ross are very compatible with each other and between them offer an extensive assortment of track. American made and of high quality it shows good electrical connection and smooth operation. I would go with it. I like Atlas which is much like the Super O in its construction. It looks very good and operates well but is foreign made by a not so friendly nation and has serious electrical connectivity problems when it ages which means soldered jumpers at joints. My experience any way.

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Hmm...not into O gauge but I am curious. The Atlas track isn't flexible, then?

Cordially yours: Gerard P.

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Charles Kimbrough

Most of the Atlas line is rigid, sectional track, but they do offer 40" "Custom-Flex" sections - #6054 3-rail concrete ties, #6056 3-rail wood ties, #7056 2-rail wood ties. Geezer

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Hello, and for S-gauge. the Gargraves track is arguably a little more realistic looking than A.C. Gilbert stock. OTOH there are a few of us, myself included, that insist on keeping our post WWII AF layouts and accessories exactly as they came from the manufacturer while disdaining third-party add-ons (except for maybe Plasticville models). That also means using the original AF red pushbutton accessory control switches even though small SPST bat lever toggle switches or pushbuttons would take up much less space on the control board!

Just a side issue - those small AF 50W transformers that came with the packaged AF train sets are good as street light and accessory light dimmers in larger layouts.

You might want to post on the Yahoo S-gauge group. There's folks there which can provide comment on Gargraves. Sincerely,

John Wood (Code 5550) e-mail: Naval Research Laboratory

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J. B. Wood

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