Guide to assembling "Super O" track

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I didn't see the guide. What I see is a gold coin. ????
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Hello, fellow railroaders. I feel silly asking this as I am an EE by profession but can anyone with access to a 1950s era American Flyer s-gauge instruction manual explain why the hookup for a single reverse-loop using a manual DPDT switch (not a reverse loop relay) apparently has to be more complicated than required? In addition to a track switch (turnout) it requires six track insulating pins and presumably three track terminals. I understand how it operates in this manner but, in addition to a DPDT switch, why not just make use of the two-train option on the turnout and a single insulated track section? Thanks for your time and comment. Sincerely,
John Wood (Code 5550) e-mail: Naval Research Laboratory 4555 Overlook Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20375-5337
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J. B. Wood
How about!!!
The instructions stay the same even IF the 'Two-Train' option isn't available??
Chuck D.
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Charles Davis

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