"Rudley's" Super O Track Layouts

"Rudley's Track Layouts for Lionel Super 0" is a 24 page booklet put together
by Joe Rudley in 1962. Joe was a Lionel dealer of note and also owner of the
Sarasota Seashell and Train Museum in Florida. The reason Joe put this booklet
together is that there were no plans for "Super-O" Layouts available at that
time. Originally the booklet sold for $.39 but it goes for considerably more
when it can be found. It includes 18 pages (30 layouts)plus suggested scenic
treatment, necessary components aswell as sections on Scenery, Accessories (Mr.
Rudley designed the portals for Lionel) and wiring. Some exquisite large
layouts as well as many medium sized and smaller layouts. Like new. $25.00 +
nominal shipping.
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Want to buy a Rudleys Super O track layout plan book
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