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Did anyone make an n scale Steam engine with smoke??
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There have been a very few... but they look pretty bad. Smoke and water don't scale very well - you're fighting immutable laws of physics - and the smaller the scale the worse they look. You're _never_ going to get decent looking "smoke" out of N scale . The only _half_ decent smoke I've seen was in a set of O diesels... It actually looked somewhat reasonable. -- Joe Ellis ? CEO Bethlehem-Ares Railroad - A 1:160 Corp. ___a________n_mmm___mmm_mmm_mmm___mmm_mmm_mmm___mmm_n______ ___|8 8B| ___ /::::: / /::::X/ /:::::/ /:::::/|| ||__BARR| | | /::::::/ /:::::X /:::::/ /:::::/ || ---------------------------------------------------------------- [(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)] |_________________________| [(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)] =============Serving America's Heartland Since 1825=============
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Joe Ellis
also smoke versions ROWA 2-8-8-2 ,sold in USA by MRC IN 1970 ERA. CAT #'s 6906 &6095 jim
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