smoke oil

Does anyone know what the oil distillate is, as used in a smoke generator
for models? (The smoke is generated by a small heater that vaporises the
oil). It is a very thin oil .... and rather expensive buying it via the
hobby retail outlets as it is imported from Germany.
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Alan Marshall
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Don't know if this will help but have you ever been to a disco and seen / smelled / chocked on the smoke machine 'smoke'. If they use the same oil it is around 3 quid a litre. See
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Gooigling will find other suppliers.
-- =20 cerebus
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baby oil is the best i have seen this used on numerous planes and i
smells go to
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And smoke liquid for disco use usually comes in a choice of flavours, though I've yet to see it in "welsh steam coal"
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Kevin Steele
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and search for "smoke fluid", that should give you a choice:-). A friend of mine uses it in model trains and it appears to produce visually the same effect as the stuff sold in tiny containers.
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Peter Parry
When we generated smoke for wind tunnel work we used Shell Ondina. If I remember it is a non toxic oil used for lubricating food machinery. Reasonable smell. Hope that helps a bit.
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