Hornby Smoke Generators

I've managed to destroy the smoke generator in my Hornby D49 Cheshire
while trying to fix it. They seem a little temperamental and rather
fragile. I think it's the same unit as used in the 28XX GWR 2-8-0?
I'd guess that the Seuthe ones are better, but they are wrong shape. The
usual Hornby spares people don't seem to carry Hornby ones anymore.
Anyone got any ideas of any other unit I could fit?
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Gerald H
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You can get some under the Piko name, wether they make them or just resell Seuthe I don't know. If you do a www search for Piko smoke generator it bring up acouple of sizes but don't limit the search just to the UK. I'm surprised that you cannot find a seuthe that fits as theirs is a quite a large range. Back in Tri-ang days i think they used Seuth and despite much abuse such as feeding it Deisel ,Agricastrol,and bits of bunker oil "Tar" it still works. All the above produced more smoke than the recommended nice perfumed stuff and realistically weathered my Tri-ang stuff 25 years before the term came into use.
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Try firstclasstrains.co.uk off
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I like the idea of using scented oils used for pot porri ( my old tank loco, which I still have in bits, with it's 'synchrosmoke' unit used to put an oily residue on the track and rolling stock ( could only play with it when my Mum was out ).
Take note about DCC use !
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