Help with LGB Prices from the 80's and 90's...

I'm doing an inventory of my LGB collection and I was hoping that maybe one of you would be able to look up a few items in a current LGB price guide if you have one.

Please contact me via email if you're willing to help.


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Neb Okla
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There are a few places you can find this out. Ebay is one place, but the selection of items available at any given time is slim, and then yuo have to wait for the close to determine what it ended up being worth.

I would suggest doing a search on Watt's train shop. They have a large catalog which you can search by part number/whatever. The catalog includes historical/used items which show the revision of the LGB item.

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Paul Lizanich

Ahhh, I bought some of it at Watts - and have been to their store several times.

Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out.

Do the Greenberg's Guides have decent pricing info? That is what I was initially hoping for since the eBay pricing swings drastically.

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Neb Okla

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