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Any Zero One users out there?

Charlie Harris

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Good Day,Yes there are still users of the Zero 1. I am not sure if your question is in regards to just wanting to know if there are users or if you are looking for information about the system. I have been using command control since GE introduced Astrac.Which was around 1963. I then switched to Salota which is similar to Astrac but a little more refined, actually tuned. I then switched to Zero 1 due to it's ability to run more engines and accessories. Biggest drawback to Zero 1 was having to program each engine module for only one of 16 cabs.At the time it wasn't such a problem till DCC came along and changed the programming method. I still use the Zero 1 but for controlling my subway system.I also use it for controlling my turnouts along with my DCC system. I started in DCC with the MRC 2000 and recently switched to the Prodigy. This hobby has so many facets that I was looking for the simplest control system. Do you still use Zero1?


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Richard P. Kubeck

Many years ago I used to have a Zero One but sold it. I was told about that time they had quit making it.. Is it still being made

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What do you care????


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Brian Paul Ehni

It is still being supported to a certain extent. The UK DCC maker, ZTC, was founded by the designer of the original Zero 1, and ZTC's equipment has the facility to operate in the Zero 1 mode.

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decoders which can operate in the Zero 1 mode.

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their main 511 controller which has the ability to operate in the Zero 1 mode.

Apparently Zero 1 was the system from which Lenz developed their system, which then became the NMRA recommended DCC system, so there are probably similarities in the systems which make control of the DCC and Zero 1 feasible from the same equipment.

Sorry about the PDF files, but couldn't find the info in any other form on the 'Net.


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Jim Guthrie

Zero one also has only 3 wires compared to today's 4 wire decoders.

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Ask the same question in the group



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Craig Douglas

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