How to Build HO trucks

Back in June of 2004, I offered photocopies of an August 1966 NMRA Bulletin article on how to build archbar trucks from brass bar-stock and rod. 8 people took up my offer, but I've heard from none of you since then. I'd like to know if any of you did in fact build a pair of trucks using 1966 methods.

I myself have _not_ tried it. ;-)

BTW, I still have the article, and will send a photocopy to anyone interested in exchange for a postcard requesting it. Preferably a postcard with a railroad picture. ;-) Mail to me at Box 1164, Blind River ON P0R 1B0, Canada.

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Hi Wolf, any chance you could email me a scan of that article please?

Regards, Greg.P.

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Greg Procter

Sure, but you'll have to wait a while. The USB ports aren't working at the moment, hence no scanner.

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Hi Wolf... the lack of responses already proved the point you wanted to make: True scratchbuiling is more of a convenient whine for some people to make than an actual calling.

As you pointed out in your original challenge, MR caters to the RTR/kit crowd ... because 1) there are plenty of them (us) and 2) they are affluent, that's what MR's advertsiers want -- can you blame them?

Re: "Challenge to scratchbuilders?"

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Mark Mathu

"True scratchbuilding?" Gee, I'd like to see just some "true kit assembly" once in a while. Each time I visit a hobby shop, it seems that the shelves are more and more full of RTR / assembled stuff than even simple kits. Golly, gee - whizz... even some Plasticville models are now coming preassembled!

Personally, I like to kitbash & kitmingle, but even that is getting harder & harder as simple kits are becoming more and more scarce. I do have a bit of a theory though... "real" model railroaders are going to ultimately benefit from this down the road. I think that there will be a lot of "buy it instead of build it" model railroaders out there who will soon tire of the quick fix RTR gives them. When that happens, we will see a lot of that stuff on Ebay at reasonable prices. : )

But you are right... the dominant market share today is the RTR crowd and this is being fed by the manufacturers. Like the rest of us, the model railroad press "follows the money." Nope, I don't blame them at all.


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Dan Merkel

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