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] Hobby Maker going out of business?


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Hobby Maker going out of business sale. From: dfdoicurmt at rycharter.net Date: Sun Nov 8 19:44:21 CDT 2007

I read this today, my favorite online hobby company seems to be going under???

Hi gang!

This is an all local members alert. Get over to Hobby Maker in Austin, TX ASAP. They're having a (currently) 85% off going out of business sale.

Catalogue of model airplanes, railroads, helicopters, ships and other hobby items. hobby maker is a family owned and operated hobby shop specializing in tiger fly - radio control zonetiger fly rc microflight.

Rec.models.rc radio-controlled models for hobbyists. rec.models.rc.air : transportation - arts & crafts: toys & gamesonline shopping for arts & crafts from a great selection of toys & games; craft kits, paper, red rocket hobby shop (32) =B7 rc boca hobbies

Hours are 10-7 Mon-Sat. 12-5 Sun, or go online

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is spelled with a ZERO, not an o.)

Here's just a partial list of what they have:

Dremel accesories; X-acto knife acc.; Rokenbok kits; KS Metals 'Structural Shapes of Brass' display with: E - Z - T - H - I - L beams A display marked Sheet Strip Wire Rods; A Plastruct Plastic Center with structual elements; Brass and Aluminum Tubes of circle, square, rectangle, airfoil and L and C channels; Foil Shims; Display of MidWest Super Sheets 7.6" x 12.6": Polyester - .118" and .197" Mirror Styrene - Gold or Silver - .030 to .080 Clear Lexan - .060, .080 and .118

**** PVC Foam - .118, .156, .197, and .236 ******

Plus a lot of model train electrical stuff usable in small robots; balsa wood galore, modeling clay, etc, etc. Too much to list. It's a hobby shop going out of business. Get There Soon!

Now, their prices were unreasonable at their retail, but with 70% off, brings it down to just below prices you Nov get elsewhere.

Here's what I got and what I paid: PVC Foam 7.6 x 12.6" - .080" - orig. 3.20 =3D .96 .118" - 4.00 =3D 1.20 .156" - 5.20 =3D 1.56 .197" - 6.50 =3D 1.95 .236" - 7.50 =3D 2.25

13424 Airport Frwy, Austin, TX 76622



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