What a difference a decoder can make

I've been tinkering with my Bachmann DCC cheapies that came in a set with
the EZ-Command controller. The set came with a GP-40 and an FT-A engine
set, both with DCC decoders already installed (soldered in). The GP-40
engine made so much noise at lowish speeds with the PWM sound that I hardly
ran it, and I was tired of the engines creaping up an incline and racing
down the other side. I won't even mention the horrid low speed performance.
I decided that I wanted back-emf detection so I went to the local train guy
yesterday and he sold me a TCS-T1.
Today I got up enough nerve to remove the stock decoder and put in the TCS
decoder. Using my trust Dremel, I carved out a couple of tiny circuit
boards to mount at either end of the engine to hold the LEDs and connect the
truck pickup wiring. I connected the two boards together with a 4" jumper,
where the stock screws held in the long skinny Bachmann decoder.
Being in a big rush to try it out, I didn't bother mounting the LEDs yet.
All I can say is man what a difference. Twenty dollars well spent IMO.
Super quiet, and seems to be working fine with the cheapy EZ-Command
controller. I wish I'd have bought two TCS decoders so that I could fix up
the FT-A engine. Now if I only had a way to customize some of the CVs......
Merry Christmas
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