Interiors for Athearn Passenger Cars?

Does anyone make interior seating that can be placed in Athearn's streamline and/or heavyweight passenger cars? It would be nice to have something that simply slips inside the models on which we could place some HO scale sitting figures. nononospam

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If nothing else, check the Walther's catalog. In the superdetailing section you can find seats which you can glue in. I guess you can do some rigging of compartments/lavatories and such if you want. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB

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I have used the IHC interiors, but it requires some cutting to get them to fit.

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Walthers used to offer complete interior kits for the Athearn cars with cast metal seats, commodes etc. and printed card stock partition walls but no floor, make your own from plastic sheet (I think some had wooden coach seats instead of the metal ones). They also had lighting kits derived from the ones for their own wood/metal heavyweight cars.

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