Kato boxed sets of passenger cars

I sometimes see boxed sets of six Kato UP passenger cars listed on auction sites. Are these the same cars that Kato is presently selling as sets A, B and C? Or are they based on some other prototype and just painted in Union Pacific colors?

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"harrym" wrote

When posing a question to this group it's helpful to identify what scale your question pertains to. i.e. [HO] [N] [O gauge] etc...

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your question pertains to.

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I assume you're talking about N scale. Looking at Walthers catalog and a couple of Kato brochures from last year (2004), I don't see any 6-car sets, only 4-car sets and individual cars. I guess you'll have to ask the person who's selling them. Currently, at least according to 2005 Walthers, Kato is offering 4-car sets, listed as "new:"

A -- 2 baggage, 2 UP sleeper B -- 2 UP coach, Wabash coach, CNW diner C -- 2 UP dome, CNW RPO, UP observation

You might want to check Kato's site

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for more info on their current sets.

-- Bill McC.

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Bill McCutcheon

Way back when Kato had 6 car and 4 car UP sets. This is before the most recent 'lettered' (a,b,c) sets. As I recall you bought 1 6 and 2 4 car sets to make a 14 car train. They offered these in UP, and SP at least.


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John Haskey

For those who missed the other replies, these are N-scale.

In 1994, Kato had the 6 and 4 car sets of smooth side passenger cars. These were in a vinyl case with a slip cover.

In 2000, Kato had three 4 car sets (A, B and C) of Budd corregated passenger cars. These are in plastic boxes in a cardboard box.

Kato now has three 4 car sets (A, B and C) of UP smooth side passenger cars. Probably packaged the same as the 2000 release.

The 6 car sets you see are most likely from the 1994 release.

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Ken Rice

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