Keller Onboard Steam Sound

Is there anyone out there that is still using this system? If so would you
please email me?
Larry at Papas Trains
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They have a Yahoo list. A few people I think. I asked a few questions a month or two and they were just posted yesterday. Looks like the list is monitored and the monitor checks every month or so. Rumor has it a few people still use the system but who and where is beyond me.
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Jon Miller
I still use the system, but I haven't really done anything w/it lately - focusing on new layout construction right now. The yahoo group is here:
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There is some good documentation in the 'files' section, there, and the list does respond to posts, albeit somewhat slowly.
- Steven
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Steven Haworth
"Jon Miller" wrote in news:
Sorry Jon,
But with the low volume of traffic on the list and other commitments, I have a tendency to forget I'm the list Nazi for that list so it gets ignored until something happens to jog my fogged in memory.
And yes, a few die hards to still use the system, myself included (Although how much longer that will remain, I don't know)
On3man Onboard list moderator
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John Morgan
Hi I am ussing Maxx Traxx sound system for steam engines works great. wired directley to the controller.
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