May 10, 2006 Report - Missouri Railroad Depots The largest batch of Railroad Depot updates yet.

Hi All

This is the largest group of Depot photos I?ve ever put out at one time.

Almost all of them are new towns that have not been represented on the website before. All of this is because of the generous people that have been willing to share with all of us.

Thanks again to all of you for your help. Stay Tuned, lots more to come.

Jack Forbes

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Jack Forbes
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It is truly amazing that Missouri has had that many Rail depots.

Great piece of work!


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From what I've learned so far with all this, is, it's not that unusual. I've been told by some of the people that help me, that at one time Missouri had well over 3,000 depots.

When I look at maps showing where the depots were, I see depots every

10 to 20 miles apart in a lot of areas. At that spacing, you would have a lot of depots. I don't think Missouri was that unusual, I think I've been lucky to have people here that have been willing to share with all of us the depots they've found in closets, shoe boxes, piles of old letters from relatives long gone and other rare, never in the public eye before photos of those "Wide Spot in the Road" depots many states must have had.

Check out the web site for New York State's Railroad depots. He has almost 900 just for that small State.

Thanks for your comments.


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Jack Forbes

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