MDC Roundhouse HON3 2-8-0

I have just purchased a Roundhouse 2-8-0 kit in HON3. I there information available about detailing and/or remotoring the engine?

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I'm not sure what's all available in that gauge, but Al Sandrini who owns B & F Hobby's here in town is really into HO on narrow gauge. If nothing else turns up you can check out his hobby shop web site at:

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-or pass the question on to him at:

Good luck! ~Brad H.

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Roundhouse made two versions of this kit - one for an outside frame loco, and one for the more usual inside frame. There was a short but good detailing article by James Scott Eakin in the October 1979 Model Railroader magazine. It describes making a pretty good model of the D&RGW's sole class C-25 (ex Crystal River) outside frame consolidation No. 375 from the Roundhouse kit by lowering the boiler by about 1 foot on the chassis, and adding appropriate detains. It also describes detailing the inside frame kit to approximate D&RGW class C-18 (ex F&CC) consolidation No. 315. The article notes that the Roundhouse boiler is more closely sized to match the usually heavier outside frame locomotives, and that the boiler is thus oversized for most inside frame narrow gauge locos, so most projects using the inside frame kit will be less accurate representations of the prototype. The article concludes with a list of a half dozen other close prototypes for each of the two kits. Geezer

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Glad to see there's another narrow minded person...errrrr...narrow gauger :-) in this group. I'm into Hon3 but also model N standard gauge. Northwest short line has a nice repower unit for that.Walthers also carries it. I would go the NWSL site and look around because they have some real neat stuff. The site ,IMO , is a little hard to naviagate the first time you're there. They have downloadable catalogs in PDF with all their products. Don't have many pictures :-(

I have a neat little box cab diesel made by Grandt Line and bought a NWSL flea drive unit for it. The little diesel...and it is little , looks so neat easing around the track and runs very smooth.

A friend in the local club used to make those MDC 2-8-0 's run real good with the stock motor and drive. He was the resident locomtive expert and could do wonders with them. Unforunately , he died a few years back.

I do remember the article Geezer told you about. I remember the article but could not recall when and where.

Thanks Geezer for that bit of info.

Hope this helps.

Ken Day

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Ken Day

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