My eyes have been opened about operations..

So, for the first time after years in the hobby I had a chance to
participate in an operating session. A friend here in KC models the
Frisco in HO from Kansas City to Oklahoma; very large layout (35x10)
and all DCC.
Holy cow, I had no idea what I'd been missing. It's the most fun I've
had in the hobby since I started. I've read about operating sessions
for years, but did not understand how much of a new dimension it
offers. I'd encourage anybody - if you get a chance, take it. I was
lucky to meet a fellow that was welcoming of newcomers, and while I had
some fear about screwing it up, in fact I had so much fun that worry
evaporated in the fun of running the railroad.
I partnered with an experienced operator, and learned the basics of
running through-trains tonight; drops offs and pick ups. Can't wait
for a chance to work one of the yards.
Kansas City
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Chris, That is the best part of the hobby, running a railroad in model size. We have a club and three towns to cover, so have to move supplies to and from those town, guys work in each yard setting up loaded box cars and putting them here they need to be picked up, and maybe leaving some empties behind for refills. great fun. Just keep on a tracking. Vic
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Vic Parsons

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