Need advice for N-track selection

I have moved form Germany to Florida and want to set up a small N-
track layout. Primarily to checkout the digital control software
package that I wrote (driving the set via SelecTRIX). So, it doesn't
have to be fancy and expensive but should work reliable.
So far I looked into PECO and Atlas, both code 80 and code 55. Any
good internet address where to buy those or other recommendations?
What kind of switch machine are recommended?
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Are you sure about Peco? IIRC that the only machines that Peco makes are for under table mounting. If the OP is just doing a simple temporary layout, I'd recommend Kato unitrack. Its pretty rugged, stays aligned, and would have some resale value if he decided to get rid of it.
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You're right, Peco's turnout motors are for under table mounting. However, there is a kit for syrface moiunting them.
Agree about Kato, forgot about it (slaps head with stale codfish.)
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