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I have a Digitrax system and I'm pretty comfortable programming my Digitrax decoders but have screwed up enough of them to know that I should ask questions with something new. I have just purchased a Broadway Limited Paragon EMD E7A-B-B set with Quantum Sound and a powered A&B and a dummy B and it comes, of course, with an 03 default address.

Since the two decoders are Factory-MU'd at 03 but are not shown as an MU on my throttle, how do I change address? Do I change the address of each unit independently? Do I put both units on the Programming Track at the same time? Do I have to MU them again and if so, how do I do it so that they don't show as an MU on my throttle. Is there another way to do it? Any difference in changing to a two-digit or a 3-digit or 4-digit address? (I'd prefer 2wo digits)

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Carter Braxton

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Calling them "Factory-MU'd" is kind of a stretch since the default address of any and every NMRA-compliant decoder is 03. That said, addressing them the same is considered "basic consisting", although personally I tend to consider it nothing more than "they both have the same address so they'll both respond to the same commands". That's why they don't show up as an MU on your throttle. It's simply sending commands to address 03, and since two decoders have that address, they both respond.

Anyway, is that what you want to do, keep them both the same address (just not "03")? Keep in mind that you won't be able to control any of the sound (or other) functions individually if you address them the same. My suggestion would be to give them different addresses and then use either Digitrax's "UniVersal" (command station) consisting or better yet, "Advanced" (decoder) consisting. Check your Digitrax manual for details about these various methods. AFAIK, the BLI decoders support "Advanced".

Whatever consisting method you decide to use, program them individually for a couple of reasons: First, sound decoders draw a bunch of programming track current so you may not be able to do more than one at a time even if you wanted to. Secondly, you want to be sure that your programming "took", and with two decoders responding (or not!) you'll never know for sure that it did.

P.S. Since you have a Digitrax system, have you ever considered a LocoBuffer and JMRI?

HTH, Stevert

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Yeah, after I posted my question I kinda figured that it was simply a case of both decoders being given the "03" address, but it never hurts to ask... especially since I've never worked with a Quantum decoder before.

I've done a basic address change on both units and everything is working fine.

Thanks for the help.


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