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For some years I've run n scale in my climate-controlled house - no problems. I recently purchased a home in Hawaii (on the damp side of the Big Island). I'd like to bring at least some of my "stuff" with me and set it up to run it there.

What effects can I expect from the relatively high humidity in that part of the world? Since the house is pretty much wide open, there is no a/c or heat.

Also, I've not been able to find any hobby stores on the Big Island. Anyone know of one or two?

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I do wish you the best of future. I'm not certain of anything, but have doubts there is a lot of model railroading easily found there.

One trick I tried works for this. Go to Google, maps, center & adjust for the big island, and try words like - hobby, model train etc. Seems not much. But, the good news is internet & mail order these years works well!

There are other newsgroups, but none are real active now, so?

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Andy Expect to clean your track more often. The humidity will reek havoc with corrosion. Also, expect a little more expansion in bench-work and sub-road beds. You may wish to use a MDF for a lot of the wood work. Its more stable than plywood and even more stable than wood. If you use a solid wood, stick with poplar or alder. Tighter grain than pine so less less expansion and contraction. Mike M

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Sealing any wood or plywood with dewaxed shellac will minimize the humidity-caused changes. I use Zinsser's SealCoat. Just wipe it on with a rag. Dries almost instantly. Do all 6 surfaces with a couple of extra coats on the end grain of wood or all exposed edges of plywood.

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Larry Blanchard

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