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My local HO pusher was complaining to me today about Athearn's policy
of not producing the entry level F units in that scale. It appears that
they are only interested in selling the high priced, RTR units. To my
friend, who DID complain to them, the entry level locomotives are very
important to the rug rats and older, who just may like what they see.
If they take it out in the dirt or flush it, at least Dad hasn't spent
big bucks. If the new fan likes what he sees, there is a new member of
our esteemed brotherhood, and more business for Athearn, and others.
As for me, I like to put the stuff together, maybe change some stuff, or
add details. I don't need an assembled item. For that reason I only
buy used items that I can modify to my liking. I guess I'm a minority.
I even paint and decal!
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Martin F. O'Rourke
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Yes, but the old Atheran F-units is really pretty BAD by today's standards. The details aren't too bad, but the carbody SHAPE is terrible. Both the nose and roof contours are way 'off'. That makes any detailing efforts nearly pointless. It was 'state of the art' about 50 years ago.
You'd be better off starting with with the Stewart or P1K F-units, or even the better examples from Bachmann or MRC.
Dan Mitchell ============
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Daniel A. Mitchell
Granted. The point that he and then I tried to make is, Athearn was the Blue Box Hallmark. A slightly less than faithful model is expected in entry level. The darned things ran and ran for a long time. Many of us have those, and rather disparage them are very happy to own them even after all of those years., thick ladders and all. A kid could take the engine into the bath tub if he wanted to, and after a drying, it would run, probably. Either way, fifty bucks, not one hundred is lost if it doesn't. Dad could buy a motor for very little, repower it, as I have done, and still have an old faithful. Not perfect, but darned good, hang the fine detail.
Athearn is not interested in entry level any more, that is our opinion.
Daniel A. Mitchell wrote:
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Martin F. O'Rourke
Martin. P2K's don't cost much and will make it through the bath too. Last year my son gave my T&P SW8 the submarine test and when it dried out it ran just fine. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
That's funny. I was just making up a fer instance story. I'm probably up there with any of the codgers, and have been HOing for 50+ years. I'm not in the market for an entry level F or anything else. I was just commiserating with Bob that Athearn, the ubiquitous blue box is no longer interested in kids. Dad must now buy a 100 buck plus locomotive from 'blue box', or else take the path that you wisely did. Athearn was the standard HO company. Inexpensive, dependable, hard to kill. Not any more. Sure they look good, darned good, and run well too. But the 5 year old could care less about fidelity. Athearn has opted to bow out of that market. That was my original complaint.
Bruce Fav>Martin.
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Martin F. O'Rourke

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