New Bachmann F40PH: Is it worth it?

I hear on the 'net that the new Bachmann Spectrum F40PH is out. Now,
all I've seen is the pre-production shell at the Springfield show, and that
does not lend itself to careful comparison with the prototype. ;-) I have
not been to my LHS, recently.
Has anybody seen or have this loco? I'm trying to decide if I want to
get one for MBTA service, as I'm right now leaning towards the Walthers
model. How does it compare with the Walthers F40PH? How does it compare
with the prototype? How does it run? You know, the usual. :-)
In short, is it a piece of junk (like a typical Bachmann diesel), or is
this thing actually worth buying?
Thanks in advance...
Paul A. Cutler III
Weather Or No Go New Haven
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