New Roundhouse Gang Layout?

Our club officers met with San Bernardino's Director of Transit and
Rail Programs yesterday morning because -as it turns out- he wants to
install a good-sized HO model railroad in the old Harvey House portion
of the newly-restored San Bernardion Santa Fe depot; this as a tourist
attraction to suppliment the existing museum that already occupies the
western portion of the depot's ground floor, which formerly housed the
baggage section.
This is all still very much up in the air, but we collectively
examined the old Harvey House and determined that the project *is*
feasible from an engineering standpoint, is *probably* feasible from a
financial standpoint, and that the powers that be are all strongly in
favor of the idea, and are promising government grants, tax-free
status, etcetera.
Herewith a link:
formatting link

The Harvey House portion of the depot occupies the far left wing of
the building in this view (which should please Steve and David), and
the inside dimensions of the main dining room eyeball at roughly 70' X
The room sits circa 15 yards from -and parallel to- the two very
active BNSF/UP mainline tracks that lead up to Cajon Pass, and the San
Bernardino Intermodal yard is just beyond the mainline, so building
the layout promises to be filled with distractions...
I'll post more information and photos as they become available.
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On 8/30/2009 12:58 PM Twibil spake thus:
What can I say but "mazeltov"?
[*] Depends on whether you look at the place from the front or back, no?
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David Nebenzahl
Very good to hear, both about the layout and the restoration. The last time I was there, many years ago - as part of a convention tour or something I think - the depot was in horrible condition. I think the roof was leaking rain into the waiting room or baggage area or somewhere and it was utterly deplorable.
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Ricik Jones

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