Parking at Hurstville

Am told the council refused our request to use the oval for parking.

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That wouldn't surprise me since if the sports field adjacent to the site of the exhibition is used for parking, it'll mean that any sport events scheduled for that weekend will have to be cancelled or moved elsewhere. The exhibition isn't as important as normal local sporting events - so the council is right to put them ahead of the exhibition in the priority list.

However being a once-off event (at least for now - unless a better venue can be found by AMRA for next year), you'd think the council will realise that, given how long the exhibition has been running and how successful it is at showcasing the hobby in Australia, it should be given some special consideration(s) when it comes to planning.

However we've got a month to go so lets hope it works out well. The small venue, poor facilities, etc. will not get the exhibition off on a good footing but if those of us planning to visit (or planning to exhibit and/or run a commercial stand) focus on the hobby instead of the venue's shortcomings, it'll be a good exhibition and one that can be put down to experience.



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Craig Dewick

The sporting grounds in this area and probably most of Sydney are in very poor condition because of the drought. Some sports like summer soccer and touch football have been cancelled or had shorter seasons becasue of the wear and tear on the grounds so it is unlikely that Hurstville Council will allow cars to drive all over them.


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