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Hi All
Right now the segment between Whitefish and Sandpoint is a racetrack.
40 to 50 trains a day; although I have not counted them. I have rail
fan'd from the hole to the funnel. Most of the time all you need to do
is find a likely spot for pix, sit down and wait. My favorite because
it is close to town is the Kootenai River siding ( east end ). There is
almost always a passing situation there. Amtrak is about 5:45 in the AM
and 9:50 pm. No daylight now at those times now, but in the middle of
summer I did get some shots. Well, ok so Amtrak was 7ish the other day...
The Boyer diamond in Sandpoint is easy to get to and you can see UP, MRL
and BNSF stuff. You can follow the MRL up 200 ( I think ) as it winds
along the lake. If you take 57 north, you come out between Troy and
Libby along the BNSF main.
The Flathead tunnel is ok also even though it is tougher to get to the
west portal. I usually park at the siding and walk to the hole. If you
are planning the East portal you may think about parking outside the
property and walking to the building and announcing yourself(s) to the
BNSF folks inside. They are a nice bunch and after you tell them that
you aren't gonna go near the fans, or climb on the power or equipment
they don't seem to mind that you are there for awhile.
Feel free to stop in our store and ask more questions as we are on HiWay
2 and I love a good excuse to not work on computers for awhile.
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Todd Hackett
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Todd Hackett said the following on 8/26/2005 12:25 PM:
Are you referring to the crossing adjacent to the highway 2 bridge for BNSF?
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'Captain' Kirk DeHaan
Hi Kirk
I was there last month(ish) -> lets see; from memory. From the BNSF bridge on Hiway 2 go toward Sandpoint, turn at the first light. Go past the field on the left and turn there ( Boyer, I think ). Drive until you get to the first rr crossing. Look to your right and you can see the NP curve into the diamond. The next rr crossing is BNSF. I went and stood on a gravel hill ( small one about 5 ft high ) and watched for awhile.
I am not sure of the street names, so I suspect that a mapquest search will give you what you need.
Oh and a side note. Last week in Libby, I have saw multiple UP trains in push/pull operation on the BNSF main. UP/SP on both head and end. Well at least I assume UP as usually when UP power is in a BNSF consist, it is in the middle of three or four power units. Is there still a fly-over in Bonners Ferry?
And I have been seeing NS power, with NS occasionally showing up on the lead. These units have strange horns/whistles and sound horse.
'Capta> Todd Hackett said the following on 8/26/2005 12:25 PM:
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Todd Hackett
I live just north of Sandpoint in Elmira. I know the crossing but wasn't sure if there was one I didn't know about. I have to cross both UP and BNSF tracks each day to get to the highway so I see alot of trains. It's not unusual these days to see UP engines on BNSF trains. Haven't seen the reverse yet. Saw an old BNSF Warbonnet engine yesterday that looked like it had been sandblasted. I guess they are in need of motive power.
Don't remember ever seeing any RR flyover in B.F. UP and BNSF cross over in a tunnel arrangement where one is on the top of the ridge and the other through a tunnel. There is a viewing spot where you can see both tracks. I'd hope to one day catch both occupied but may have to resort to digital trickery.
Todd Hackett said the following on 8/29/2005 5:56 AM:
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'Captain' Kirk DeHaan
I have been wanting to mess around @ Moyie Springs which is a little North of BF. Don't want to spend all day though. When is the best chance of a UP coming through? By the looks of the main, it isn't used to much. About like Spokane - 3 or 4 trains a day. UP does connect to BNSF in Spokane but I figured that they would want to get back on thier property and thought that they could do so in BF. Will walk/drive around a little more the next time I am there. In Spokane, UP uses the BNSF main from about Napa Street to Fish Lake ( MRL also but MRL heads south at Latah JCT ). According to the TT's, UP is supposed to head south from the JCT on the Latah/Hangman bridge, MRL at Latah. So much for published stuff as I have seen all three railroads using all of the tracks. It actually gets busy at Sunset Junction and there is a GREAT place to watch all of it. At the East end of the bridge there is a spot that is hidden from the hiway. If you are interested, let me know and I will attempt to give directions as I don't remember the street names in Spokane and will resort to mapquest...
both tracks. I'd hope to one day catch both occupied but may have to
Boy, it would be great getting motive power without trickery!
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