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Sorry about the weird .subject but I didn't quite know how to put it. Anyway:

I knew that Amtrak was late and I had time to get my mocha and I noticed a West bound freight (grain train ) was waiting on the siding while I headed into town. When I got back to the West end of Libby Siding, the WB was still there and had stopped before the first road crossing ( Parmeter road ). While waiting, all of a sudden the freight turned the headlight on, then proceeded closer to my location blocking both road crossings and continueing towards me slowly ( Parmeter and whatever the next one is ). Note that this is normal operation, but here is my question:

So how did the Engineer of the freight know that it was ok to move up and block the road crossings? Amtrak was still a couple of blocks west of me and I did NOT hear a dispatcher give permission. I listen to PBX, Road# and the dispatcher channel for this area on the BearCat.

Do I get to go out and buy new/more communication stuff?


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Where are you located? If it was on CSX or NS, they call signals out over the radio, so the freight would know Amtrak was getting close.

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