PCC trolley HO

I wonder if there is a fair PCC HO trolley shell.
Bowser's is my final choise even though it is not quite satisfactory.
Any ideas?
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I believe the only choices are the Bowser (the old Pennsylvania Scale Models) zamac, the Bachmann plastic, and brass. I plan to approximate of the longer Chicago "Green Hornets", and decided that the Bachmann was the best choice for the kitbash - cheap, available, and the plastic much more easy to cut and splice. Gary Q
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On 26 Feb 2005 02:22:40 -0800, snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Peris) claims:
I have the Brill trolley version by Bowser, and it actually runs just fine. Of course, you have to get around the sight of a huge motor filling the interior. I was working on using a powered truck, but never got around to finishing it.
Cordially, Ken (NY)
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Ken [NY]
"Q Car Company" used to do some resin shells of PCC cars, don't know if they're still availabale or not.
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Check here:
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Click on HO on the left and then on HO TrolleyCars. IHP has the Pittsburgh Railways Company (PRCo) 1700-series PCC Shell. The prototype had 1700--1724 as interurbans with roof light, pilot, B3 trucks, Earll Interurban Retriever, and spare trolley pole strapped to roof in Charleroi // Washington days and much of this remained until the end of PCCs. Cars 1725--1799 were typical city configuration. This shell is only $37.95!
IHP is also coming out with an air-electric version based on Philly but it is Much More Expensive!!
Jim__Holland snipped-for-privacy@P-R-Co.com
Peris wrote:
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Those IHP shells actually finish into a nice model. Just attach to a smooth running Bowser chassis and you got a nice model. I did one up in the Pgh Railways red/cream awhile back.
Don't forget to look into the MTS Imports. Although known mostly for their brass offerings, Joel released several types in a resin type plastic shell as well. One was the Boston Picture Window version PCC. A lot cleaner then the IHP shell. It was installed on thier well produced brass chassis as seen on their brass offerings.
This is the way to go with PCC's these days. Much cheaper to produce and much cheaper to purchase and better detail over the cast metal bodies....Gary
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Gary Mittner

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