Ping David N: (OT Guitars)

Visited the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in LA today and
discovered that they're putting on a display of stuff from the classic
country/Western era: clothing and what have you, plus a *spectacular*
display of vintage instruments!
Just threw some pics up on Flickr for the guys on alt.guitar, and
thought you might want to take a gander too.
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On 6/13/2009 11:02 PM Twibil spake thus:
Hmm; D-28 nice. (Used to have a D-18 myself.) J-200 nicer. I once worked on one of them beasts; the bridge, while acoustically useless, is a real work of art.
Too big for me, though. Actually prefer smaller guitars myself. (Why does everyone think that a big booming dreadnought is what one should have? Must be those damned bluegrassers.) I've got a lovely example myself, a Marc Silber (luthier from Berkeley, look him up) "Charlie Patton" model, a small-ish cutaway, made in Mexico (!) of "palo escrito" (i.e., some kind of rosewood-ish tropical hardwood). Great craftsmanship, rings like a bell.
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David Nebenzahl
It's a volume thing. If you need to be heard over three or four other instruments you need to move around a lot of air.
As far as comfort and solo work go, my personal favorite is that '36 Dobro thats also on the photostream. It's about the size of a 00 Martin, but heavier, and is quite useful in a bar fight when used as either a shield or a blunt object.
I know of Marc and have worked on a couple of his guitars.
He does nice work.
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