Plano Train Show (Dallas Area)

Anybody go to the train show in Plano this past weekend? What did you think?
Got a look at a few BLI HO Mikes and the On30 C-16's. I didn't hear a Mike
but the C-16 sounded great. The HOn3 layout and Texas Outlaw's On30 modules
were really good. The other layouts were fun to watch but these two really
got my attention. There was a guy there selling assembled, detailed and
painted Athearn cabooses and cars. They were
outstanding and at first I thought they brass or scratchbuilt. Certainly
makes me think twice about what can be done with a Bluebox kit.
My son had a blast. This show was paradise to him. We had to eventually tear
him form the Thomas tables. My daughter also went along because I gave her
$20 bucks to keep my son under control while I looked at things or talked
with someone. Oddly she had a good time and really liked the G-Scale trains.
She even asked when I would be starting the scenery on my layout because she
thought it might be fun to make.
There seemed to be less brass for sale, fewer craftsman kits and no tool guy
this year. Plenty of RTR, shake the box and Lionel though. There also seemed
to be a good selection of N-scale. I took along $500 to spend but only
bought a hat and some Thomas stuff for my son. Really didn't see anything
much I wanted. The BLI locomotives and those neat custom cabeese were
interesting but I don't have a use for them.
Its been a few years since I last attended the show and though it seemed
like there were fewer sellers the place was packed with people. In fact
there were so many people it got very warm and you had to wait in line to
look. If where we ended up parking this time out is an indicator there were
more people attending the show than in the past. Even though I did not find
anything I've been really looking for I had a great time and so did my kids.
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