Questions about an HO set I have

I received a Walthers "Trainline" Deluxe HO Railroad Set as a gift
back in 1995. It is a Caterpillar Tractor Co. themed set. Since that
time I haven't done much with it. I did try a few times in the last
decade to see if anything showed up about this particular set, on the
Internet. I haven't found ANY information. Not even anybody who owns
one. I came close recently and saw a Caterpillar set, but it was in O
I get compelled from time to time to open it up to play around with
it. However, I hold off and put it away for a year or two at a time,
then get it back out to do some more research.
This is a limited edition set distributed by Norscot Group. I finally
decided to call them recently to see what they can tell me about it.
They said they don't have any information on something that old. They
had a long time employee who remembers doing sets like this for
Caterpillar, but the only info I could get is they made tens of
thousands of numbered sets on any given year. I guess I should be
lucky to have a lower serial number on mine, #1147 to be exact.
Has anybody ever seen this particular set? The Norscot "model" number
is #444930
P.S. Any e-mail addresses on this post are invalid. I avoid SPAM like
the plague. I'll read responses on the newsgroup. This way, any
correspondance on my question will be available to the public.
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Jeff Salzman
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thousands of numbered sets on any given year< This fact alone for a set sold in '95 makes it's resale value around 0! However if you keep it 30 to 50 years and most of the other sets are broken and thrown away by then it will have resale value. Right now it's value is, play with it!
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Jon Miller

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