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I saw these at the Division 7 train show two weeks ago. Finished product looks great, but it is pricey for a large field.


Hi- > I typed "etched brass corn" into Google and got: >
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Alkem makes the corn -- and very nice too :-) > David > > Bruce Fav> > Rob, > > There was an article in MR some time back about modeling a corn field. > > The Author used some commercial etched brass corn stalks in the front rows > > that when twisted to shape and painted looked very realistic. Maybe someone > > here knows who makes the brass etchings. Bruce > > > > > > > >>Sorry for cross posting, but the guys in the UK group will be in bed soon! > >>(Except those in N American etc) > >>Just about to model corn fields. So far I have used Woodland scenics for > > > > the > > > >>grass areas amd it looks great. However, do you guys have any other > >>opinions, such as the matt stuff, which I have, but looks too tall? What > >>about making tactor tyre marks around the outside? > >>Thanks in advance > >>Rob > >> > >> > >> > >> > > > > > > >
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Rick Stern
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In order to cut down on space and costs, the author only planted a few rows of the etched brass corn stalks and then made a rubber stamp and used it to give the illusion of more rows on the backdrop.

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Mark Mathu

"etched brass corn"...

I believe I've seen Ken Patterson use either painted or dyed fake fur, available at fabric stores (like JoAnn Fabrics) for corn rows and it looked pretty good. I've seen the Alkem brass stalks in person and they look very nice. Here's a link to the corn rows on the Alkem website:

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I'll soon be doing a cornfield in a corner of my layout. I plan to use the Alkem corn stalks for the front two or three rows, then the fake fur behind that. Behind the fake fur I'll paste scaled digital photos that have been 'lightened' in contrast to simulate the effect of being further in the distance.

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