Re: For Sale - Atlas HO Engines (2 PRR GP7's, 2 PRR S-4's)

Upon talking to a buddy of mine, the one who painted the Geeps, he thought my prices were "a little high" based on what he could see on ebay, and that "The ebay prices are generally less than what is advertised on the internet."

So, I've lowered the prices on the Geeps. See below.

I checked on ebay and couldn't find any S-4's, but the S-2's are going for ~$30, so the S-4's are not even worth selling. I paid Red Caboose (NYC) $120 for #8434 on 04/20/1995, and The Big, Little Railroad Shop (Jeff Kucsma) $80 for 8431 on

05/29/1995. At the time, they were the only two I could find, anywhere. 30 cents on the dollar for excellent engines is ridiculous.
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Mac Breck
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Yes, most strange how some things get more valuable and others don't. The original Kato-Stewart Fs went really high for a while and now less than origial list because of the better detail on the Genesis & Intermountain. But when it comes down to it, in the big scheme of things, they are really just pre-owned toys.

I would think the custom paint job would be the thing adding value, that Pennsy fans would go for. Perhaps it is just a matter of finding the right collector.

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others don't.

and now less

Genesis &

So who makes S-4's with higher detail and running mechanisms as good as my S-4's? Same question for GP7's.

So is anything we have in Model RR, including a $2000 Key/Sam. steamer.

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Probably no one but your taking the example to literally. Personally I love S-2s and own piles of them but don't have a single S-4 just because because I don't like the trucks. Why other people don't want them, who knows. Look at the Atlas C-30-7. They are a wonderfully detailed and well running models that can pull a ton. They listed for $90, but now people are lucky to get $35 for them on ebay. Why? No Idea.

My point exactly.

Someone says, "how much is it worth?". Answer is always the same, it is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

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Personally I

S-4 just because

want them, who

detailed and

$90, but now


OK, open it up to S-1's thru S-4's, and GP7's (with and without DBs). Who makes any of them with with higher detail and running mechanisms as good as my Atlas/Roco S-4's? Reason I ask: I want to look at them. I haven't been paying attention to model railroading these past 5 years.

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Mac Breck

Vastly over produced and on the heels of the U33C which looks just the same to most folks. And, the problem of the 22" radius. They are great locomotives and a true bargain for folks who were able to grab them under $40. There are a lot still on shelves at full MSRP. But that is a dealer problem.

CTucker NY

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