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> > >>I am are having a discussion with a few guys in an Austalian based mailing >>list about the Long Island double deck cars that were built in the late >>1980's Apparently these cars were originally supposed to be built by an >>Australian company called Comeng with a design based upon the Sydney >>Interurban multiple unit cars aka "V set" And as a result of the company >>being asset striped apparently they sold the design to one of the other >>tenderers and they ended up being made in Japan to the Australian design. >>These are the cars that I am talking about >>
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> >>Does anyone have any info as to the tendering process and introduction into >>service of these cars. And how the cars are going now and are they well >>liked by the passengers. >> >> >>-- >>Spam Bait >> >> >> >> >> > > > >

I do not know about the tendering process, but these cars did not work out and have been retired. At least some of them are in storage on a short line railroad in Connecticut.

Michael Finfer Bridgewater, NJ

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They were introduced, late, with the EMD dual modes, which didn't work right from day one and still don't. They're such disasters that (unoficially) the LIRR is throwing in the towel on them - there's serious talk of dumping dual mode operation (and no, Union agreements are NOT the reason why)

The cars work ok, but are pathtically heavy and thus you can only have 6 per loco, and even then, they're dismally slow. They work 'well enough', but they are cramped inside, even with 2+2 seating, and have useless luggage racks. Passengers don't really like them much. Cramped, slow, and pulled by a notoriously unreliable locomotive...

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