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Hi there
A good friend is unable to make her usual fan trip Indy this year.
I thought I'd build her a model for her desk.
What's a good source for kits of Indy cars? Scale really doesn't matter.
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Steve Guthrie
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I've got a good selection in the Crapatorium, mostly recent Monogram 1/25. Lemme know,
The Keeper (of too much crap)
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Are these current IRL cars? I'm mainly interested in Sarah Fisher's cars. She drove #15 for Walker Racing and #23 for Dryer and Reinbold until this year, now she drives starting in the Indy 500 #39 for Kelley Motorsports.
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Matt Wiser
I don't know that anybody has released any Indy cars in plastic since about 1999/2000. Revell Monogram released four CART Reynard cars (numbers 2325, 2326, 2327 & 2328) back then. These are still widely available from on-line stores and even some local hobby shops. Some companies make aftermarket decals to fit these kits too.
Since the CART/IRL split, the open wheel segment of big time racing has gotten the short end of the stick versus NASCAR with the model companies. With the cars continually evolving visually every year, it's tough for a model manufacturer to keep up with the trends. I hear the change in engine size this year meant radical changes in the shape of the cars.
Wish I could help you out better. :/
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}
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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce
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A build-up of the Reynard kit, as Greg Moore's final car.
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}
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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce (Stephen "FPilot" Bierce) wrote in message
Revell released those 4, then 3 or 4 more kits with revised wings and sidepods over the next year (Pioneer, Motorola, and Miller). IIRC, the first 4 were 1998 versions and the next set were 1999, although there was quite a bit of bodywork tweaking during that time (The '99 Reynard sidepod shape was based on a previous season Rahal mod). All but a few of the first set have been scarce in my area for quite a while.
Etzel Speed Classics did some of the IRL cars in resin but I'm told he is not currently making kits. They did do the D&R car but the graduated orange was omitted on the decal sheet.
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tom hiett
There are the RM CART car, and a number of older vintage Indy car kits, from both AMT and RM. However, in modern IRL cars, I think the Etzel car is the only one in 1/24 or 1/25, and he is out of business. Kits are rare and valuable.
Steve Guthrie wrote:
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