New modeler looking for advice

Hi folks, newbie here.
I've been thinking about getting back into model building (which I haven't
done for maybe 15 years) and I'd really like to do some ship modeling
(which I've never done at all).
I've got a pretty good idea of the equipment I need, thanks to the old
discussions here. (via Google). What I really need is advice on a good
starter model to work on. I've done a little research and found two kits
that sound interesting:
the Heller 1:400 La Fayette
the Dragon 1:700 Roosevelt DDG-80
Are either of these suitable for a novice? If not, does anyone have any
other suggestions?
I would like to work on something modern (currently in service), and
preferably something stealthy. US or foreign doesn't really matter terribly
much. If there's a modern Japanese DD (not a Kongo) that would be
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It just depends how much You want to spend for a "starter model kit" and what You think You can do out of it - and if You already did some modelling, You should know some basics quite well, don´t You.
Don´t be afraid, it is just a hobby, enjoy it, just take some patience for Your work to acheive good results to show. So, look around the kits and choose one You might like ... and just start.
I started modelling at the age of 6, my first kit was a 1/72 Hawker Hurricane. I still have it ... I made my first ship at the age of 9, the small Gorch Fock from Revell. I made 80+ airplanes until I was 14. Well of course I lost some of them in the meantime ...
Now I am 36 and actually working on *4* sail ships (Airfix and Heller) in parallel after work and on free weekends.
I have no time limit, I do it just as I like it. My home office is also my small private museum, all 4 walls are occupied with models ... (Well, I admit I am having an Advanced Modellers Syndrome :)
As Thou Liketh It !
greetings, Jan
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