Re: Is it easy to change an Atlas loco coupler?

I found a GP7 in the old Burlington Route black colors. I want it except it
>has those huge, dorky square couplers. Is it as easy to change couplers to
>the realistic type on locos as it is on a regular MicroTrain freight car?
>Before you answer please consider I am the kind of guy that calls an
>electrician to change light bulbs--or else I'll screw it up.
I assume you are into N-scale as you mention Micro-Trains....
If your GP7 is one of the older Atlas units that were actually made by
Kato, Micro-Trains did make a coupler conversion kit that is not too
difficult to deal with. It includes the solid pilots ("cowcatcher"
area if that helps you understand what I am talking about) and the
necessary couplers. The kit will make the unit look more prototypical
without that big hole in each end for the coupler swing. You will
have to cut off the old coupler mount from the truck frames, that's
probably going to be the hardest part. Just take your time and do it
slowly, you will do okay.
If it is one of the newer Atlas units, I am not sure as I haven't had
one. I do think, though (someone please correct me and let's help
this gentleman through...) that the newer Atlas units have a piece
that pulls out, looks like a plastic "E" that holds a Micro-Trains
1015/1016 coupler box in place.
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