SD-60 MT Coupler install

I have a N Scale Atlas (49026) SD-60 and I would like to install Micro
Train Lines Couplers. I ordered a 489 1015-1 per MT conversion chart. But I
do not see how they can be install. Any Recommendations???
JF Barnes
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Jerry Barnes
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The Micro-Trains coupler conversion is not difficult. Start by removing the body shell from the frame, and set the frame aside.
Turn the body shell upside down and you'll see a small plastic clip holding the Rapido coupler arm in place. With a small screw driver pry gently on one side of the plastic retaining clip. It should pop right out.
The Rapido coupler will now be free and should fall right out.
Now slide the assembled MTL 1015 coupler box through the front pilot hole and secure it with one of the 90-00 screws provided in the conversion kit. Depending upon the length of the mounting screw included in the conversion kit, you may have to shorten it slightly before use. The 90-00 screw will fit right into the center hole normally used by the pin on the retaining clip you've removed.
Repeat the entire process for the coupler at the other end of the locomotive.
Slide the body shell back onto the motor frame and you're ready to go...
Best regards from Milwaukee, WI U.S.A. Gregory Braun
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