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Hello everyone,

Z_Scale on has reached the 975 member mark and I'd like to see it hit the magic 1000 before all my hair falls out or the eyesight fails! If you're into really small trains why not join us in this fast growing sector of model railroading.

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There is much more to Z than meets the eye!

Cheers, Jeffrey MacHan Z_Scale Listowner & Moderator

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Z_Scale SIG Coordinator
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I would love too. BUT!!! Yahoo requires cookies to be accepted. Do you know a way around that problem? I would join if you were using almost any other provider.


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If you can't enable cookies for some reason, you can always subscribe by email and use it just like a conventional mailing list. You will however miss out on a lot of useful features like the photo sharing. z

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Dave Fossett

Hi Jim,

Possibly. What browser are you using?

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Wild Zontar

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