Road name mix on trains

I posted this question on a couple of Canadian Pacific related Yahoo
news groups with some limited success so I thought it might be good to
ask here as well. I was interested specifically about mixed CP freights
that one would see between Calgary and Vancouver, and wondered what the
typical mix of road names that someone might see.
I would expect to see primarily CP (home road) cars as well as other non
CP cars such as private name cars common to the area make up the greater
percentage of each train. Other foreign roads would be the balance.
Does anyone have an idea what the percentage mix of foreign to home road
cars might be? I thought that this question was addressed generally in
one of the major MRR magazines at one time but have not been able to
locate it.
While specific information for a specific road in a specific location
may be difficult to assess, I am wondering if there is some "rule of
thumb" to be applied here so that our model trains don't look out of
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Is how I did it for the LIRR 1950.
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Here is a place to start (sorry I don't remember the source)
Car types 1950
box 721,006 35% stock 48,018 2% reefer 127,217 6% flat 68,022 3% gons & hoppers 882,260 43% tank cars 150,037 7%
TOTAL US 2,032,966 98%
Steve Lynch
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