Question Mark on British Aircraft

I often see a question mark on profile drawings of RAF planes in the
place where a code letter would normally go. Does anyone know just what
this is supposed to mean? I've been wondering this for years and I just
googled it and came up with nothing.
Any aero-historians know the answer????
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Just a guess but could it be for aeroplane #27 in the squadron?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr. Who has wondered too
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Mad Modeller
Mad Modeller wrote some stuff in reply to some other stuff...
For what it's worth...
One reason is that the aircraft was a station 'hack', used by anyone who needed an aircraft on short notice, whether to visit the boys at the next station or for combat if their a/c was u/s. Another is that sometimes units on the same airfield shared some of their a/c, so a code letter wasn't always assigned. Yet another reason I've seen given is that, as Bill says, it was No 27 in the sqn - either that, or number 13...
I'm sure there's other reasons too - these are a few I've read about.
RobG (who wasn't there, so makes no claim to sure knowledge)
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